Obama's IRS is targeting any groups critical of Obama's policies through infringing regulations.

If we don't fight back now, Obama's IRS will be successful in shutting down every pro-Life American while keeping us from exposing politicians who support Abortion-on-Demand.

Pro-Lifers are on the verge of winning an anti-abortion majority in the Senate to go along with ever-increasing pro-life support in the House of Representatives.

But this cannot happen unless we stop Obama and his IRS goons in their tracks.

Please sign the below petition to make your voice heard.

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Pro-Life Freedom of Speech Petition

Against IRS Regulation IR-2013-92

Whereas:   The first amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees our right to freedom of speech to speak out against Abortion-on-Demand.
Whereas:   Regulation IR-2013-92 would strip citizens’ right from organizing communications within weeks of an election and prohibit identifying a candidate or political party who supports Abortion-on-Demand.
Whereas:   This regulation would be enforced by the IRS, an agency recently exposed to have targeted political opponents during the last Presidential Election;
Whereas:   Politicians are most receptive to the will of the people just prior to an election;
Therefore: I urge the Federal Government to drop Regulation IR-2013-92 and its unconstitutional restriction on citizen organizations, and to cease using tax laws to suppress political speech.

United States Supreme Court

National Pro-Life Alliance


Internal Revenue Service

Brief of Amicus Curiae

In Support of National Pro Life Alliance

I, the undersigned, stand with the National Pro-Life Alliance in opposition to the IRS preventing groups from exposing radical Pro-Abortion candidates during the time when they seek election.

The Constitution gives us a right to petition our elected officials and there is no time when it is more important to freely exercise the freedom is speech than in the days immediately before an election.

I am against the silencing of political opponents in the weeks prior to a political election, and I voice my support for The National Pro-Life Alliance’s action against the Internal Revenue Service.

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