Audit the Fed!

         You and I MUST begin preparing to fight back now.

Right now, the Abortion Lobby is working feverishly to ensure President Obama’s next Court pick is inflexibly pro-abortion.

And the Abortion Lobby believes forcing President Obama’s nominee through Senate confirmation with lightening speed will be the KEY to winning once a vacancy occurs.

That’s why it’s vital you sign your Supreme Court Confirmation petition.

And after you sign the petition, please consider chipping in with a donation of $10 or more today to help the National Pro-Life Alliance build a powerful program to stop Obama's nominee in the Senate.


Louie Gohmert
United States Congress

Defeat Obama's Supreme Court Nominee Petition to:
My U.S. Senators

Whereas:   The Abortion Lobby is already preparing for the next battle over a U.S. Supreme Court nominee; and
Whereas:   The Abortion Lobby believes the key to ramming through the most radical pro-abortion Justice yet will be forcing the U.S. Senate to confirm President Obama’s next nominee quickly; and
Whereas:   Obama’s next nominee could give the Abortion Lobby the power they need to DESTROY all pro-life laws throughout the country;
Whereas:   U.S. Senators have a duty defend our Constitution while considering Presidential nominees; and
Whereas:   No U.S. Senator can claim to uphold our Constitutional liberties while ignoring our God-given right to life;
Therefore: As your constituent, I insist that you do everything possible – including supporting filibusters and other procedural votes – to ensure no new Justice is confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court who is not clearly pro-life.

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